Social Media Marketing in Nepal for Small Business in 2022

Updated on Sep 14, 2022

Social Media Marketing in Nepal for Small Business

By An4soft

social media marketing in Nepal

As seen in past few years, the wave of social media marketing in Nepal have completely turned the business phenomena. The growth in social media users and the social networking sites have provided an amazing platform to promote business and reach proper audience.

The growth in social media users have been increasing enormously. People have around 2-4hrs of screen time in their daily lifestyle. While the social media users are booming regularly business have been benefitted mostly. Social Media Marketing have become a helpful tool to reach target audience and get known about the ongoing trends.  Through the social media not only we can get closer to the audience but also get idea about different marketing tactics.

For businesses of all sizes, social media marketing is a plays a key role to draw clients and customers. Social media has already established a connection between consumers and brands. Therefore, you’re losing out on a lot of your prospective clients if you’re not directly engaging to your audiences on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Utilizing social media marketing allows you to target a group of individuals based on their own interests, which is incredibly advantageous for the business. With a little money, a lot of target groups may be reached. Social media marketing has a substantially higher conversion rate. Effective social media marketing may help your company achieve amazing success, recruit devoted brand advocates, and even produce leads and sales.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media marketing is a method to gain traffic and attention to the business via social medium. Social media marketing involves various approaches like posting updates, images, videos and even memes that can drive audience engagement in the page. If any business wants to reach to target audience quickly and want more engagement, there is an option for social media advertisement.

By adding high-quality material to your social media sites, paying attention to and interacting with your followers and results, you can also engage with your audience to boost sales, develop your brand, and enhance website traffic. To do this, you must run social media advertisements and provide high-quality material to your social media sites.

You must also interact with and listen to your fans. If executed properly, it is a potent tactic that may draw users to your social media platform and grab your attention. You must establish a social media network, pay attention to conversations, impart knowledge, and engage in debates.

The majority of social media networks come with an analytics tool that can be used by the company to monitor interaction and performance across all postings. Marketing campaign management is also a feature of social media platforms. Businesses may also allow consumers and internet users to publish user-generated material for their brand on social media, such as reviews, ratings, and more.

Small Business and Social media marketing in Nepal

With the increase in social media users in Nepal, business scenario have seen an enormous growth. Especially, after the pandemic the months of lock down gave chance to explore variety of opportunities and ideas to initiate a business. By knowing the trend and customer demand from worldwide audience and wants of local audience, many business owner have used social media as a tool to sell their product and service.

The concept of social media marketing in Nepal have boosted lots of small E-commerce business. By posting the content related to the product and making content using the product have made easier to reach to the audience. The customer can also get a closer look of the product via social media.

In context of Nepal, the small business have used the social media platform in more influential way. The businesses follows the trend as well as create the trend that can attract the audience. Moreover, through social media marketing in Nepal business have initiated influencer marketing and product placement campaign also.

At the present scenario, the audience in Tiktok have been increasing rapidly in Nepal. The trends are followed and changed daily. Most of business have used this platform to promote their product and services more. Through Tiktok, business have been able to gain audience from all the networks. This is just an example of how social media have influenced the business.

The approach of social media marketing in Nepal have given lots of growth and encouragement to youngsters to generate economy opportunities. The small business in Nepal have been successful to make their own brand.

Top Social Media Networks for Social media marketing in Nepal

One of the most significant sources of information and entertainment is social media. Additionally, people may remain in touch, share images and videos, and connect with friends all around the world. In Nepal as well as the rest of the globe, social media usage is rising. In Nepal, the necessity for social media marketing is greater than ever.

Over the past ten years, social media marketing in Nepal has expanded quickly. It concerns online information sharing utilizing social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. People, from young infants to the elderly, are linked to social networks since cellphones are widely available. Because social networks have so many benefits, they don’t appear to end until the world is created.

Social media have become a tool for business owner to meet the audience of all the demographics and learn their needs and wants. We have mentioned some of the most popular social media network that small business use.


Facebook is the most popular platform in Nepal. With 2.23 billion monthly active users, it links individuals all around the world. It is an easy platform for communicating, exchanging material, setting up groups, and meeting new people. It is a helpful tool for marketing brands, goods, movies, television series, and celebrities nowadays.

Facebook’s advertising platform may be heavily customized to target specific audiences, making it effective for lead generation. Facebook is a fantastic medium for networking, showcasing the human aspect of your company, and turning leads into ardent supporters and clients.

Facebook is fantastic for reaching a sizable audience, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that there is also a lot of competition. Facebook accepts a wide range of content formats, but the most effective material demonstrates the diverse aspects of your company.

As a business owner you can add images, videos along with description of product in the post. Moreover, you can also add posts that can bring more user engagement like quizzes, games, giveaways etc.


Instagram is one of the newest social media platforms, with the bulk of its users being under 25. Because of this, Instagram is the ideal social media platform for businesses or brands that cater to youthful and contemporary demographics. Instagram works well with images and brief videos with little text.

You can share the same photographs across all platforms thanks to their integration with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Instagram is frequently used for marketing by businesses. While Instagram is well-known among consumers on a personal level, it is also evolving into a potent marketing tool for companies. Marketers utilize Instagram to promote their goods and services because they recognize the value of the platform. It is an excellent tool for sharing visual narratives.

Instagram is one of the platform filled with lots of influencers with huge number of followers. The business collaborates with the influencer to promote the product and services. The use and following of hashtags in the Instagram caters in exploring global trend and audience.

Since Instagram is an image-based social media platform, you should post engaging and relevant images and brief videos. Combining them will enable you to tell a tale that will benefit from being at the top of users’ streams rather than becoming buried in other postings. Use a hashtag that is pertinent to your business and the material you are sharing since it increases the visibility of your content.


One of the most widely used social media platforms in Nepal is TikTok. The percentage of respondents with internet connection who said they used TikTok increased from 3% to over 55% in only two years, according to a national study conducted in 2022.

TikTok is a relative newcomer to social media marketing in Nepal. Businesses are becoming keener at producing original content that is relevant to their goods and services. You can keep one step ahead of the competition with TikTok.

Tiktok allows user to follow and join new trends by the use of more AR content and video making features.

On TikTok, users are excited to watch hilarious films, take part in challenges, design their own challenges, or just produce funny or sarcastic movies. If your challenge appeals to viewers, they will be more inclined to watch and engage with your films. Therefore, your TikTok challenge as a business is to seem intriguing enough for someone to incorporate your video or your music in a duet. No of your level of experience with TikTok, you can go viral with only one challenge or piece of video.

Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Growth in brand recognition

Social media platforms provide fresh opportunities to promote your brand. As people connect with your brand more frequently, it is easier to access for new consumers and more recognizable to existing ones. Creating a social media presence may help you establish your credibility as a business or expert in your industry.

Increase the conversion rate

Your company will have more prospects for conversion with higher visibility. Any blog post, picture, video, or post has the potential to enhance traffic to your company’s website. Social media marketing gives your business the opportunity to stand out by adding a personal touch. Brands become interactive when they post on social media, share material, and leave comments on articles. Individuals like conducting business with other people over corporations.

The time it takes to develop connections with customers has a positive effect on sales, according to more than 51% of marketers. The more you impress a visitor, the more probable it is that they will consider your company the next time they require your goods or services.

More traffic and audience

If you don’t promote your company on social media, your inbound traffic will be restricted to your existing clients. The same keywords that you previously qualified for are likely being used by people who are familiar with your brand. Reaching people outside of your devoted following will be considerably harder if you don’t include social media in your marketing plan.

Every social media profile you include in your marketing strategy serves as a gateway to your website, and every piece of content you publish serves as another opportunity to draw in new clients. Social media is a combination of many personality types, backgrounds, and habits. Different people have various demands and modes of thought. These folks can find your company naturally by sharing your content on as many channels as you can.

Get closer to the audience

You can constantly stay in touch with your target market, prospects, and customers by using social media. You may connect to your contacts by updating them in your account on several sites. You may rapidly update your consumers on the newest specials, new items, and more in this way. The fact that it is free is the finest part. It is a fantastic method to broaden your present foundation.

Wrapping Up,

The future of social media marketing in Nepal is really bright. Social networks and social media platforms are being used by more people every day. Social media may change quickly. The potential for social media development is limitless. Social media will include new conventional business and marketing strategies in the upcoming years. Social media experts work to expand possibilities and make life easier for everyone.

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