Dengue in Nepal : Festival collision with Epidemic

Updated on Sep 29, 2022

Risk of Dengue in Nepal: Festive season colliding with epidemic

By An4soft

dengue in Nepal

Since past two months major city of Nepal including the capital city Kathmandu valley have been experiencing rapid increase in Dengue. After suffering terrific pandemic for past two years the outbreak of Dengue in Nepal have terrified the people of Nepal. The local clinics and hospitals have been lined with the infected patients showing dengue symptoms.

There were hotspots mostly in Patan’s central city and on the outskirts in the Kathmandu Valley. Hospitals have admitted hundreds of patients, and more than 1,000 cases have been identified there, more than during the previous outbreak in the summer of 2019. Hospitalized patients with dengue are currently more numerous than those with COVID. According to medical professionals, thousands more people with dengue fever are likely healing or receiving home care.

Dengue in Kathmandu

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease spread by female Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitos. The World Health Organization claims that Zika, yellow fever, and chikungunya viruses are all spread by the same vector.

Although dengue is thought to have a high transmission rate during the post-monsoon season, dengue outbreaks have been reported in Nepal from the start of the year as well as during the pre-monsoon, monsoon, and post-monsoon seasons. According to specialists, asymptomatic persons can readily spread the disease through vectors (disease-carrying mosquitoes).Dengue symptoms include mild to high fever, excruciating muscular pain, rashes, a strong headache, and eye pain, according to medical professionals.

Since viruses cannot be treated with drugs, there is no cure for dengue. In addition to plenty of water, doctors advise paracetamol to reduce fever and soothe discomfort. Internal hemorrhage can occur in more severe dengue cases, which may necessitate hospitalization.

Basic Preventive Measure of Dengue in Nepal

  • Even inside, use insect repellents.
  • Wear long sleeves and long, tucked-in pants when you’re outside.
  • Use the air conditioning if it’s accessible indoors.
  • Ensure the screens on your doors and windows are solid and without any gaps. Use mosquito netting if you are sleeping rooms aren’t air conditioned or screen-enclosed.
  • See your doctor if you exhibit dengue symptoms.

Dashain and Dengue in Nepal

The epidemic of dengue in Nepal have become more troublesome due to upcoming festive season. One of the biggest festival of Nepal Dashain is at the door while there is still no hope for reduction of dengue cases in the valley. Moreover, there is high risk of the infection being spread in larger area.

Public health professionals have expressed concern about the possibility of a significant dengue outbreak in rural regions during the Dashain festival, despite a sharp increase in new cases in the Kathmandu Valley and other major towns. The people residing in Kathmandu valley will return to the villages during Dashain to spend quality time with families. The health experts are concerned about the insufficient manpower to address newly emerging issues.

The celebration of festival becomes dull if any one of our family member is sick and unwell. The dengue infection have really made Nepalese people go through some struggle this Dashain. Keeping the upcoming festive season in concern, the local authorities have initiated information campaigns about the risk of infection and search and destroy activities. Experts advise focusing on the complete elimination of mosquito breeding areas instead of utilizing the more expensive and technically complex chemical fogging method.

The collision of festival and epidemic is really unfortunate. After the long pandemic, the life style of people have taken a normal route. But again the emerging of dengue infection have made it tough. Well, by following the preventive measures we can definitely not kill the festive vibe. The joyous festival that arrives once in a year should be celebrated with full enjoyment.

Adapting healthy lifestyle and avoiding the dengue infection this festive season

Despite having the fear of dengue in Nepal, it is better for us to focus on leading healthy lifestyle during this festive season.  Follow the preventive measure against epidemic and ensuring the proper eating habits you can adapt to a healthy way of celebration. Moreover, a festive season does not mark the end of life. To go past it, you must maintain your physical health and fitness. This is possible if you consider the future before celebrating the festivals since doing so will cause more festivals to occur annually.

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