Preeti to Unicode

What is Preeti to Unicode Platform?

Preeti to Unicode is a platform made for Nepalese bloggers and Content Creators to convert Preeti Font to Unicode Font (Nepali Font). The browser of the computer, document files, Email, and messaging doesn’t support the Preeti Font. Thus, to overcome this problem this platform was created.

Why is this unique from other similar platforms?

This platform was created to solve the different issues raised from previous similar platforms. The biggest issue that this platform overcomes is the errors in different characters of the Nepali Font. This platform solves those problems and makes it easier for the bloggers and content writers to directly copy from the platform without doing further revision.

How to use the platform?

The platform is very easy to use. You just need to type the Preeti text in the left panel. The Unicode is generated automatically in the next panel of the window. There are different special characters in the Preeti font which is easy to add from the Special Character section.
There is even provision to search and replace different characters from the search and replace bar. It is easy to copy the Unicode elements and keyboard can be generated as well.

Embed the platform in your website